Results That Matter


  • Elephant talk, Manitoba Government & General Employees’ Union (done)

    We helped the MGEU start a conversation about how growing demand and insufficient staffing are straining the services families rely on, and how we need to find a way to pay for those services.

  • More time, Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (done)

    With bargaining looming, Ontario’s elementary teachers made a strong stand for smaller classes — and more time for every child.

  • McNeil’s Movers, Nova Scotia Government & General Employees’ Union (done)

    We helped the NSGEU show how provincial government cuts are moving jobs and families out of Nova Scotia.

  • Choose Children, BC Government and Service Employees’ Union (done)

    This emotional issue needed a clear and targeted message, a perfectly crafted tagline and a striking outdoor visual. We worked with the BCGEU to develop those core elements that were later versioned into a wide array of other products.

  • Re-branding, MoveUP: Movement of United Professionals (done)

    For COPE 378, a new name and a complete visual identity — to better reflect their 12,000 members and attract new professionals to join them.

  • Texting party, Manitoba Public Insurance (done)

    MPI drives home the consequences of texting behind the wheel.

  • Woke, Manitoba Government & General Employees’ Union (done)

    This spot uses a personal emotional story to make the crucial work of hospital technical professionals more visible.

  • Getting it right, Nunatsiavut Government (done)

    An advocacy TV campaign showing how changes are needed to the Muskrat Falls power project to protect the health and way of life for Nunatsiavut communities.

  •, Ontario New Democrats (done)

    Built around a strong message – and integrated with NationBuilder – a campaign website to inform and mobilize Ontarians opposed to privatizing Hydro One.

  • Good jobs, great libraries, CUPE National (done)

    This online and mobile takeover connected good, stable jobs for library workers to a well-loved municipal service.

  • Waiting series, BC Teachers’ Federation (done)

    Wry observations reveal the reality of the toll education cuts are taking on BC kids.

  • Christy Crunch, BC New Democrats (done)

    This satirical approach provides a memorable way of defining a new leader who wanted voters to forget her party’s record.

  • Who’s looking out, Teamsters Canada (done)

    With safety on the line, advertising helped successfully drive for stronger regulation and better inspections.

  • Feed their minds, BC Teachers’ Federation (DONE)

    This outdoor campaign delivered an eye-catching pre-budget call for the province to start investing in kids, teachers and schools again.

  • Have you been to school lately? Manitoba Teachers’ Society (done)

    Manitoba teachers invite parents to discover how classrooms have changed.

  • Squash The Squeeze, BC Federation of Students (done)

    A complete brand and visual identity for CFS-BC’s campaign – designed to catch eyes as it highlights the realities of the crushing weight of cuts and fee hikes.

  • Questions - Bob, Saskatchewan New Democrats (done)

    Pulled from focus groups, these real questions poke at a popular premier’s bubble.

  • Flu immunization, Manitoba Ministry of Health, Seniors and Active Living (done)

    A series of posters with a fresh design and compelling motivator offer a modern take on promoting flu immunization.

  • More nurses, Ontario Nurses’ Association (done)

    This Ontario Nurses’ campaign was everywhere. From a Queens Park subway take-over – with more than 25 different posters, transit shelters, and wall murals – to accompanying postcards and a website. This layered campaign cut through the clutter and effectively told the story of how Ontario nursing shortages were impacting patient care.

  •, Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (done)

    A digital hub to showcase ETFO’s plan for improving elementary education for Ontario’s children.

  • Journey, Manitoba Nurses Union (done)

    Beautiful visuals and an emotional soundbed tell the story of how nurses care at every step of life’s journey.

  • Phone rings, Saskatchewan Government & General Employees’ Union (done)

    We helped the SGEU to underline the urgency of a social worker’s job… and the frustration and consequences when insufficient resources mean they can’t do it.

  • Branding - BC Building Trades (done)

    Even well-designed buildings need a reno sometime. We worked with the BC Building Trades to help refresh their brand and add a modern edge to their look and feel.

  • Better lives, CUPE Local 79 (done)

    A multimedia campaign – featuring products ranging from postcards to radio ads – helped Toronto’s city workers raise awareness on the impact of precarious employment.